Stephanie Kennedy Tells: "I Wore Blue Light Blocking Glasses Everyday For A Week - Here's What Happened"

Like most people her age, Stephanie Kennedy spent 8 hours of her day at work, staring at a computer screen. Then when she got home and during her commute, she spent a lot of time looking at another screen...her cell phone.

She never really thought much of all the time staring at a screen but then she started noticing some bad things happening.

"I would often find my eyes red and feeling dry...they would start to hurt…" Stephanie continued, "I'd also get headaches a lot towards the end of the day. And I just couldn't get a good night's sleep".

She thought these issues were just from the normal stress of being a working mom. So, she did her best to deal with them as best she could. After months of suffering, she started to think that it wasn't just stress causing her issues.

But one day she noticed her friend Beth, who also worked at the same company wearing glasses for the first time ever. When she went to talk to her about how good she looks in them, her friend said something interesting.

"She told me, these glasses didn't have a prescription, she got them to help her with her digital eye strain."

Then we got to talking more and she had been dealing with the same issues I had been for months. Her eyes would hurt her, she'd get headaches often, and she slept terribly at night.

Her first thoughts were this was all caused by stress but after nothing she tried worked, she went to her doctor. That's when she first heard about DES (digital eye strain). After googling more about it, she saw that up to 200 million people suffer from the same thing on a daily basis.

The culprit of the digital eye strain is from the blue light all devices give off. And if you use devices for a combined use of just 2 hours a day, you probably suffer from DES too.

It didn't take long into the conversation for the lightbulb to go off. Stephanie knew she was dealing with digital eyestrain too. Before, she could say anything Beth, reached into her pocketbook and pulled out a pair of glasses and handed them to her.

"Try these. If they help you as much as they did me, you'll know for sure DES is your issue too."

Stephanie thanked Beth and went back to her desk and put the glasses on immediately.

What happened later that day, shocked her…

"I couldn't believe it. It was almost time to go home and I didn't feel any eye discomfort and I never got a headache. Normally, by 10 am I was rubbing my eyes and reaching for Advil to deal with the pain."

Stephanie packed up to go home for the first time in months with little to none of the symptoms she had been feeling every day. Beth let her take the glasses with her home and told her to use them at night when on her phone in bed.

As soon as she got into work the next day she anxiously waited for Beth to show up. Before Beth could even get to her desk, she ran up to her…

"Beth, these things are a miracle. I used them when I was on my phone before bed like you told me to. Once I put my phone down for bed, I fell asleep faster and stayed asleep all night. This hasn't happened for me in months. You are a LIFESAVER!"

I gave Beth back the pair she let me borrow and asked where she got hers, so I could get my own. A few minutes later she texted me the link to a website for Bluvys glasses and I ordered 2 pairs (one for the office and one for home).

Why Is Blue Light From Devices Is Dangerous?

ll digital screens give off blue light because of the efficiency this type of lighting has for battery life. The problem with this blue light is it's able to penetrate into the retina part of your eyes. This leads to people experiencing:

  • Dry/Red Eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Sore Eyes
  • Trouble Falling And Staying Asleep
  • Headaches
  • Blurry Vision
  • Neck Pain

With more than 80% of Americans owning 2 or more devices that emit blue light, it's no surprise the Vision Council reports over 200 million Americans experience the symptoms caused by exposure blue light.

How Can You Protect Your Eyes?

Unless you are able to stop using your phone and computer completely, the best way to protect yourself is with a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

A company named Bluvys is leading the way when it comes to helping people fight digital eye strain. Their glasses have many great features such as:

  • Filters Nearly All Blue Light From Penetrating Your Eyes
  • Stylish
  • Light Weight
  • Scratch-Resistant Lenses
  • Glare Reduction

Wearing a pair of Bluvys will give you almost instant relief from digital eye strain. This means fewer headaches, less eye fatigue, and better sleep from day 1.

The Important Question...How Much Does A Pair Cost?

If you have ever been to the eye doctor and purchased glasses you know how that can easily end up costing you over $300. And that's even if you have vision insurance. If you don't, that could cost you way more.

The people behind Bluvys understand that money is tight for most people and they did everything they could to make these glasses affordable enough so anyone could buy a pair.

Normally, a pair cost just $80, but right now you can get a pair for $39.95 ( thanks to a 50% promotion ending soon.)

How Can They Charge So Little?

Since Bluvys is a direct-to-consumer brand they can cut out any middle-men (like retailers) who just jack up the prices the consumer pays.

When you buy from a big brand, you aren't only paying for the product, you are paying for all the enormous costs they have as a company. You're helping to pay their rent, their CEO's salary, their advertising cost, etc.

Their low price doesn't mean they skimped out on quality. In fact, these glasses are made in the same places as some of the most high-end brands in the world are.

Where Can You Get A Pair Of Bluvys?

Buying one couldn't be easier. The only place you can get them currently is from the company themselves by clicking here.

Since their website is the only place you can buy an authentic pair, you can be sure you're paying the lowest price possible.

*Special Announcement: Tuesday, March 2, 2021* Bluvys is offering a special discount for US residents. But hurry, due to extremely high demand, Bluvys is frequently in and out of stock. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time first time buyer 50% discount. (Hint: These make great gift ideas for family and friends!)

Order now before they sell out again.

I must say that these are by far my FAVORITE blue blocking glasses. I have ordered so far 5 different brands and these are the best. I wear them all the time and haven’t had as bad of migraines because of them. Definitely recommend
I spend waaaaay to much time on the computer and would experience dizziness to the point I had doctors stumped. These glasses have put an end to my dizziness and only encourages my computer time. To sum up: THESE GLASSES DO WHAT THEY INTENDED and the bonus is the whole package is well-designed and tasteful. What more could anyone ask?
Very attractive blue light blocking glasses. Definitely work. My eyes are much less tired. My daughter is sleeping better using these glasses a few hours before bed
I work in an office setting and after just one day of wearing these glasses I noticed an improvement in my eye health. My eyes no longer hurt, water, itch, or feel bleached out after staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Highly recommended!
I suffered a concussion four months ago, and was finally able to go back to work at the beginning of this month. I was having alot of trouble with the floresent light and looking at my computer screen using this have helped me so much!
Really comfy and lightweight and i bring them with me everywhere now...sometimes forget they are on top of my head because they aren't too tight, but also don't fall off! Really makes phone screen easier on the eyes. Good for reducing effects of flourescent lights as well.
I am really satisfied with this product. I am either in front of a PC or a laptop pretty much whole day unsurprisingly my eyes couldn't handle the strain any more. However after I put on these glasses the strain is gone and I can stare at computer screens for extended periods of time without any issues with my eyes.