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1 Noeaom Portable AC

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This air cooler will give you a comfortable and cool space by providing a breeze cooled y 5℃/9℉, it has strong cooling capacity. It produces instant cooling with 3 speeds. This cooling fan will be your favorite present in hot summer.

4-in-1 device, including refrigeration, humidification, air purification and aromatically.

Produce instant cooling, faster and enable more coverage with a much longer wind distance.

It has taken cool air to the next-level by utilizing an atomizer, so you will feel the cold wind in just a few seconds.

A 48*100mm plant fiber is adopted, the thickened fiber is able to soak in more water and allows for more evaporation.

Refreshing breeze up to 5ft, strong airflow distance can deliver a crisp.

Easy-to-clean, it stands out as an almost maintenance-free solution for keeping your surroundings cool.

This air cooler has utilized UV-C technology throughout its structural design, it will help mitigate the dirt buildup on the filter.

There is a UV-C LEDs lamp beneath the cooler's storage box.

Nano-silver ion cotton technology is adopted to enhance the cleanliness of the water.

Easy and convenient to use, you can use it anywhere you want.

Leak-proof design, it will stay secure even when shaken.

You can use it for 12 hours with a 10000mAh-power-bank, so you can use it for a full-day trip outdoors.

Small size design, you can take it easily.

Energy-saving and enhanced noise reduction.

The normal cooling mode and the humidification cooling mode can be switched.

7 colors LEDs light, you can also add some aromatherapy oil to enjoy.

Simple and easy to operate, the filter is removable and washable.


Item type: Air Cooler

Color: White, Black(Optional)

Selection style: With UV-C LEDs lamp, Without UV-C LEDs lamp, Filter*1PC(Optional)

Pow-er: 10W

Wind distance: 5ft

Blowing angle: 90°perpendicular

wind speed: 80CFM(2.4-3 m/s)

Speed mode: 3

Noise level(dB): Under 68

Water capacity: 500ml

Lighting: 7 colors LEDs

Package weight: 989g/2.18pounds

Package size: 200*195*190mm/7.87*7.67*7.48inches